Unknown Faces

I would be pleased to receive more pictures and information that may help put names to faces.

Described as “The Boys” aboard Llangibby Castle

Described as “George” aboard Llangibby Castle

My feeling is that this picture is to mark the elevation to Commodore of Capt W S Byles in 1965

A pair of Catering Officers

Capt J Fisher dining with crew members, possibly at Christmas

My feeling is that this picture is to mark the elevation to Commodore of Capt H Dellar in 1960. Aboard Pendennis Castle

Looks to me like either a Master at Arms or a Quartermaster in Union-Castle uniform

A bunch of relaxed Engineers aboard Windsor Castle in 1974

4th from left is Nelson Ayres - 2nd Electrician

6th from right is Pat Kelly - Jnr Electrician

Party time

The things we had to do!

Pat Kelly 2nd from right - the “man”

I rather think that is Robbie Rutt at the record deck

Pat Kelly in the middle but who are the other two?

Prizes awarded for the cabin number of the blonde

Bakers aboard Windsor Castle

Fresh ship’s bread rolls, the best you can get

Tantallon Castle Christmas 1967

Serving the Catering Crew

Holding the tray Chris Isaac 3/O to the left Colin Dubber 4th Engineer.

Seated at head of table Chief Cook Arthur Goring

On the bridge of SA Oranje

Hover your mouse over a face and the identity will be revealed if known

A selection of diners on SA Oranje

Capt H Dellar Arthur Mailer Chief Engineer L Cooper-Thorne Ch Cat Officer E Paul Second Officer E Paul Acting Chief Officer Capt W S Byles Gerry Beaumont Staff Commander Capt J Fisher Nelson Ayres Pat Kelly Pat Kelly Robbie Rutt Cruise Purser Pat Kelly

Officers of Edinburgh Castle on Commodore W Byles’ final voyage

Capt W Byles Chris Isaac 3rd Officer Colin Dubber 4th Engineer Arthur Goring Chief Cook

Colin Spearey 2nd Purser/Catering & John Dimmock Chief Purser

with Head Waiter Dusty Miller behind them.

Dusty Miller Head Waiter Colin Spearey 2nd Purser Catering John Dimmock Chief Purser Catering

A steward aboard SA Vaal

From B&C Review  February 1965

Arundel Castle - Voyage 58

This would date the picture to the early 1930s

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