Union-Castle Liners - From Great Britain to Africa

Union-Castle Liners 1946 - 1977

William H Miller

Union-Castle Liners

From Great Britain to Africa 1946 - 1977

By William H Miller

Published by Amberley Publishing

William H Miller has written many books on golden age of transatlantic travel. He lives in Secaucus, New Jersey, but is as likely to be found lecturing aboard a cruise ship. He regularly appears on television

Reviews from Amazon web site:

I'm returning this book. I was disappointed as I own literally scores of books on liners by Bill Miller. The other ones I cherish and love, really. I turn to them over and over again to enjoy the photos and the interesting stories about the ships I love. This book was an exception. First of all, the format is really too small. That leaves the photos too small to really enjoy. Second, the arrangement of the "chapters" didn't make sense to me - it almost seemed like an encyclopedia of ships by name rather than a collection of interesting stories and photographs. Finally, a large number of pages in the particular copy I received were bound upside-down and other pages where printed poorly with much of the type somehow ending up lost off the page. Thus, I wonder about the quality control of the publisher. I love the Union Castle liners - especially the later ones which were such unique ship designs. Unfortunately, this book didn't capture the topic very well. I'm putting in the post back to Amazon today - that's the first time I have ever done that.

James P Hickman 2014

Mr. Miller has done a lot to keep the history of the passenger liner going - he should be commended for all this work.

R Lepien 2013

This is a strange book. The contents adds very little to the sum total of knowledge about the Union-Castle Line. The structure of the chapters is beyond my understanding and the pictures contained in each chapter generally have little connection with the subject matter of that chapter. Many of the graphics have been poorly trimmed with either top or bottom or both missing.

Chris Isaac 2015

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