Union-Castle Line - A Fleet History

Union-Castle Line - A Fleet History

Peter Newall

Union-Castle Line

A Fleet History

By Peter Newall

Published by Carmania Press

On March 8th 1900 the Union Steamship Company Ltd, and Castle Packets Company Ltd merged to form the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd. To celebrate the centenary of the formation of Union-Castle this superb book was produced. It features the individual stories of over 300 ships, including all the passenger ships, cargo ships, coasters, tugs, tenders, sailing ships and war managed vessels.

This book has become the definitive history of the Union-Castle Line, and is an essential purchase for any one interested in ships and the sea.

'the ultimate source book on the history of this famous line...stunning detail and meticulously researched...excellent indexes...every detail one could possibly ask for...in this elegant book.'

- Lloyd's List

'massive hardback...reproduction is first class...intriguing list of where all the castles after which the ships were named, are situated...buyers will be grateful for the completeness of such a volume.'

-Ships Monthly

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