In Danger's Hour

In Danger’s Hour

Gordon Holman

In Danger’s Hour

By Gordon Holman

Published by Hodder & Stoughton

The title comes from the sailors’ own hymn, ‘Eternal Father strong to save’. It is a book about men and ships that proves fact to be braver than fiction. No human fancy could have created such a sequence of heroic episodes.

The thread of ‘Clan Forbes’ sailing to all parts of the world under the Red Ensign, runs from beginning to end of the book. It is the symbol of the unbreakable courage of those who sailed in her and many more vessels like her.

Here is the intimate story of those whose ships were torpedoed two and three times and who were still at sea when Nazi and Japanese power was finally crushed. They are modest stories, taking death and privation, as it were, in their stride. Remarkable documents were placed in the hands of the author and few books will be able to record with such a wealth of detail what went on at sea during those war years.

It is a story to stir the hearts of island dwellers and, indeed, of all those who shared in the comings and goings of the ships of our lifetime in the years of trial.

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