Catalogue of Featured Artists

Over the years many of the company’s ships have been the subject of an artist’s talents.

Sometimes to record special events such as Balmoral Castle sailing as the Royal Yacht or to commemorate tragic events such as the loss of Llandovery Castle.

The works include formal paintings as well as magazine art and murals from buildings.

The works of many top maritime artists are included:

Keen, Owen

The founder of the original Union Castle Staff Register.

A very capable water colourist, if a picture of a ship did not exist in photographic form then Owen would paint one.


Alnwick Castle,    Ipu,    Kenilworth Castle (3) ,   American  

Lloyd, Robert

Robert Lloyd is a Marine Artist with a worldwide reputation for producing visually stunning and technically accurate paintings for the Marine Industry, Private Individuals and Museum collections. Prints of Robert Lloyd’s work can be purchased from Snowbow Productions   


Argyllshire,    Stirling Castle (2),    Tintagel Castle (2),    Clan MacInnes (3),    Clan Menzies (3),     Carnarvon Castle (2),    Nina Bowater     Durban Castle

Wyllie, William Lionel  RA

W.L.Wyllie was an artist in oil, watercolour, etching and aquatint of marine and tidal Thames subjects. W.L.Wyllie was born in London on 5th July 1851, son of William Morison Wyllie and brother of Charles Wyllie. W.L.Wyllie studied art at the Heatherleys in 1865, and at the Royal Academy Schools between 1866-69, winning the Turner Medal 1869. W.L.Wyllie was the father of Harold Wyllie. W.L.Wyllie lived in Portsmouth for many years from 1907 and died in London on 6th April 1931. Acknowledged as one of the leading marine artists at the turn of the century. Marine painter to the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Ryde. Work in the National Maritime Museum.


Armadale Castle

Randall, Maurice


Arundel Castle (4),    Carnarvon Castle (2),    Llandovery Castle (1)

Middlebrook, Roger  GAvA

Roger H. Middlebrook has won over 25 Awards for his aviation and naval artwork, much of which hangs in collections and museums all over the world. Having lived in Sweden he also developed a great love of the country's aircraft.

In Sweden he worked freelance, concentrating on portraiture and landscape painting, while also doing some illustration work for a local newspaper. Eventually he took a full time job in the motor industry as a technical illustrator before returning to England.

In London he continued with technical illustration, employed by a studio off Fleet Street. From there he moved to a company building holiday villages in Spain. This, of course, entailed a move from technical to architectural illustration.

In the 1980s he once again went freelance. While continuing with architectural work, he began to get work from a well-known toy company doing drawings of every type of motorised vehicle. This in turn led to illustrations of aircraft and in 1991 Roger joined the Guild of Aviation Artists and has enjoyed great success, winning Aviation Painting of The Year a record five times. In addition to this he has won numerous other awards and has exhibited at almost all the exhibitions organised by the group in the twenty years since joining. Roger currently holds full membership of the Guild.

He regularly exhibits throughout Europe and has exhibited with numerous other societies, including the Royal Society of Marine Artists.


Arundel Castle (4)     Pendennis Castle,  

Byass, JK


Arundel Castle (4)

Westmore, Tony

“I have been drawing and painting since a child, and lived all my life on the banks of the River Medina at Cowes on the Isle of Wight. I paint all sorts of subjects, but mainly country, rural, harbours, and maritime scenes. Much of may work is painted or sketched on location, and the Isle of Wight provides a rich source of subjects. I paint in water colour, acrylic and oils and I am always experimenting with new techniques.

Ships and Maritime Scenes are my speciality and I have always had an interest in the ships and shipping using the Solent approaching the busy port of Southampton which I watch every day from my waterside studio.

Although I specialise in depicting atmospheric scenes of old shipping, trying to catch the romance of a bygone era, I am equally at home with today’s shipping. My subjects also include the last days of commercial sailing vessels particularly sailing barges and larger sailing ships. Although I like the old days, I also paint modern shipping scenes.

My paintings have gone to many private collections, including those of William H. Miller the American Cruise Lecturer, and author of over 60 books on Ocean Liners and Shipping subjects, to Dame Ellen MacArthur, as well as a commission for a painting and prints for the Maritime Propulsion Journal 'The Motor Ship', the painting being commissioned by them to commemorate their 85th year of publication”


Athlone Castle,    Braemar Castle (3),    Clan Alpine (5),    Clan Urquhart (3),    Edinburgh Castle (3),    Kildonan Castle,    King Frederick,     Nicolas Bowater,    Pendennis Castle,    Perthshire,    Sarah Bowater,    Stirling Castle (2)    Umtata,    Winchester Castle (1)    Windsor Castle (3)

Cummings, George

Over the Past 10 Years I have specialised principally in Marine and Antarctic Seascapes and most of these Oil Paintings depict Modern Whaling vessels. A number of these Paintings are currently on display at Museums which cover the Whaling Industry principally the Kendall Whaling Museum, Sharon, Boston, U.S.A., Chr. Christensen's Hvalfangst Museum Sandefjord, Norway and the South Georgia Whaling Museum.

The paintings are all highly and accurately detailed showing an exact replica of the Vessel thereby depicting a historical record.

During 1995 awarded the L.Bryne Waterman Award at the 20th Annual Whaling History Symposium by L. Byrne Waterman and Kendall Whaling Museum Director Stuart M. Frank for depicting an accurate pictorial record of the whaling industry ships.

I am in the unique position of having been employed during the 1940's in the Antarctic Whaling and have first hand knowledge and experience of these vessels, which are now part of maritime history. On several occasions I have given slide lectures related to the modern whaling industry at various museums in the United States.

Which include the Kendall whaling Museum at Sharon, Massachusetts and The Mariners Museum at Newport News, Virginia.

In recent years have started to produce paintings of historical vessels relating to exploration in Antarctica.

Shackleton’s ship "The Endurance" sold at Maritime auction by Christies of London (May 2001)



Wilkinson, Norman  CBE

(24 November 1878 – 31 May 1971) was a British artist who usually worked in oils, watercolors and drypoint. He was primarily a marine painter, but he was also an illustrator, poster artist, and wartime camoufleur. Wilkinson invented 'Dazzle Painting' or Dazzle Camouflage to protect merchant shipping during WW1.


Balmoral Castle (2),    Edinburgh Castle (3),    Pendennis Castle

Rae, Jim

I am retired and paint as a hobby, mostly ships and aircraft.


Ayrshire,    HMS Bonaventure,    Carnarvon Castle (2),    Clan Alpine (4),    Clan Cameron (3),    Clan Colquhoun (1),    Clan MacFadyen (2),    Clan MacDougall (3),   Clan Monroe (2)    HMS Engadine,    Grantully Castle (2),    Pretoria Castle (1),    Llanstephan Castle,   Gascon,   Clan MacDonald (4),     Clan MacIntosh (3),   

Verity, Colin

Colin Verity, who died on June 24 2014 aged 87, was an artist whose evocative paintings of maritime scenes are held in public and private collections around the world.


Capetown Castle   Carnarvon Castle (2)   Athone Castle   St Thomas

Young, George   Captain

Clan Line Master


Clan Cameron (3),    Clan Fraser (3),    Clan Urquhart (2)

Taylor, CE


HMS Lamont

Wilcox, Lesley Arthur


Clan MacDonald (2)

Purvis, Thomas G


Clan MacDougall (1)

Hyslop, ES


Clan MacQuarrie (1)

Turner, Charles E


Clan MacTaggart (2)

Taylor, John Simpson


Clan MacTaggart (2)

Stobbart, John

Born in Leicester, England, John Stobart was the second son of a pharmacist and a mother who died giving birth to him.

Raised by his maternal grandmother and various housekeepers, he showed an early aptitude for creativity but a lack of interest in academic learning. His low grades but apparent flair for drawing persuaded his father to enrol him in Derby College of Art in September, 1946.

John Stobart Suddenly fascinated by a new and more relaxed environment, Stobart took to the change like a duck to water, achieving high honours and a county scholarship to London's prestigious Royal Academy Schools, being one of only four students accepted that year. John Constable, J.W.M. Turner and many other British painters had studied in those same hallowed halls.


Clan Malcolm (2)   Braemar Castle (3)

Douglas, Sholto Johnstone

Robert Sholto Johnstone Douglas, known as Sholto Douglas, or more formally as Sholto Johnstone Douglas, was a Scottish figurative artist, a painter chiefly of portraits and landscapes. In 1895, he stood surety for the bail of Oscar Wilde


Clan Monroe (3)

Muncaster, Claude

Marine and landscape painter in oils and watercolour, particularly of topographical subjects; also lecturer and writer. Born 4 July 1903 at West Chiltington, Sussex, son of Oliver Hall, R.A.; first exhibited as Grahame Hall but, from 1923, as Claude Muncaster, changing his name by deed-poll 1945. Exhibited at the R.A. from 1921. First one-man show at the Fine Art Society 1926. A.R.W.S. 1931, R.W.S. 1936; S.M.A. 1939, P.S.M.A. 1958; R.B.A. 1944; R.O.I. 1948. Served in the R.N.V.R. 1940–4, advising on camouflage. Commissioned to do a series of watercolours of royal residences 1946–7. Publications include Rolling Round the Horn 1933 and Landscape and Marine Painting 1958.


Clan Robertson (4),    Southampton Castle

Mason, Frank Henry Algernon

(1 October 1875 – 24 February 1965), RBA, RI, RSMA was an artist best known for his maritime, shipping, coastal and harbour paintings and as a creator of art deco travel and railway posters. His style is described as a 'light impressionist' and he was a founder member of the Staithes Art Club


Huntscliff,    Stirling Castle (2)

McClune, Ronnie


Kenya Castle

Smoothy, Derrick


Pendennis Castle

John, C


Scottish Lion

Rogers, Terry F J


St Essylt

Hick, Allanson


St Thomas

Camarda, Frank

Italian – born Frank Camarda has been painting and illustrating for over a half century. Love of art and passion for ocean liners started at a very young age, dating back to 1954, when he and his family made a transatlantic voyage aboard the Andrea Doria. Mr. Camarda’s work has been exhibited in personal and public showings. His oil paintings and drawings have found homes in private collections worldwide.


Transvaal Castle

Hamilton, Tom


Warwick Castle (4)

McDowell, William


Warwick Castle (3)

Hodges, Edgar

(born 1928) was the illustrator of the first two annuals written by the Reverend W. Awdry in 1979 and 1980 and the Rev. W. Awdry's Famous Engines colouring, sticker, and activity books.

Hodges was born in Bolton, Lancashire. He took his first art exam at the age of 13 passing easily due to an interest in drawing and painting from a very early age.

He was involved in illustrating in the two first annuals and the activity books of Thomas the Tank Engine because of his interest in steam trains as he would go off into the countryside at any opportunity to photograph them, prowl around the engine sheds, or go off into the moors to record the sounds in the distance.

He reworked some of the illustrations from the Railway Series book for the activities, games etc. that were illustrated by C. Reginald Dalby, John T. Kenney, and Gunvor and Peter Edwards. He left the company, World Distributors, in 1980 and went to Italy and then returned to Manchester. While at World Distributors, he worked on other annuals such as, "Dad's Army", "Postman Pat", "The Wombles", and "Doctor Who". In the 1970s, he illustrated steam locomotives from Britain for puzzles for a company called Whitmans


Windsor Castle (3)

Wale, Eric

Born and grew up in Cape Town. Educated Diocesan College and Cape Town University. B.A.; LLB degrees. Served throughout World War 2 first as flying instructor and then bomber pilot; thereafter practised as advocate in Cape Supreme Court. Thereafter, having studied art at Michaelis Art School began painting professionally in 1951.


Windsor Castle (3)

Dunn, Laurence

[December 15 2006 -- Lloyds List]   Many readers will be saddened by the death of well-known marine artist and writer Laurence Dunn in his 97th year. A man of encyclopedic knowledge, he began his lifelong love of ships in Brixham, where he meticulously recorded passing traffic with the exquisitely accurate line drawings which later became something of a trademark.  While studying at London's Central School of Art his work was noticed by the Southern Railway, which commissioned profiles of its fleet, and this in turn led to work for Orient Line, where he also designed the well-known corn-coloured hull, and later Thorneycroft, where he helped with shaping draft plans for a new royal yacht.  During the second world was he worked for naval intelligence at the Admiralty, where his technique did much to improve recognition standards, and greatly expanded his shipping clientele, becoming personally known to many chairmen.  As well as the shipping press he worked for mainstream publications such as Everybody's, Sphere and the upmarket comic Eagle. Through his many contacts he enjoyed going to sea in a great variety of ships from aircraft carriers to colliers.  Laurence wrote several books, starting with ship recognition titles which introduced new standards of layout, but his best known work was probably Passenger Liners, which was widely taken up by the travel trade.  His love of Greece, where he was an early publicist of island cruising, led to involvement in reshaping various passenger liners beginning with Greek Line's OLYMPIA.  In later life he designed several sets of shipping stamps for the Crown Agents, produced photographic volumes on Thames and Mediterranean shipping and still found time to enjoy the passing Thames traffic.  Our sympathies go to his wife Jennifer, who provided succour to the many ship lovers who beat a path to the welcoming door of their Gravesend home.


Balmoral Castle (2)

Moffatt, Leonard B


Clan Sinclair (3)

Neave, Vincent

Marine artist and author


Clan MacIntyre (3)

Card, Stephen J

Denholms 1970 to 1981 Cadet to Chief Officer

Uiterwyk Lines (London) 1981 - 1982 Chief Officer & Master

Queen's Harbour Master Bermuda 1982 & 1983

Havelet Marine Services, Totness 1987 to 1991 Tug delivery master (once in a while!)

From 1984 to present.... Marine Artist


Clan Malcolm (2)

Hernandez, Roberto

Roberto is a seaman still on duty, and amateur painter and illustrator. Born in Canary Islands.


Edinburgh Castle (3)

Juritz, John W


Saxon (2)

Crossley, Harley


Windsor Castle (3)

Frickers, Gordon


Roslin Castle (3) & Tantallon Castle (3)

Clark, William



Bilas, Peter

Peter Bilas was born in Austria in 1952 and began painting as a hobby at the age of 15 in order to satiate a fascination with ships. Peter has dedicated himself entirely to marine art. He has held numerous exhibitions in South Africa and he is regularly invited to participate in the annual international marine exhibition at Mystic Seaport in the USA, one of the largest and most prestigious maritime galleries in the world. Peter has dedicated himself to chronicling South African maritime history.


South Africa has very few artists recording its maritime past and present events. Peter has a sharp eye for detail and a strong feeling for the sea. He holds a vast library and studies the history of each ship in detail before he portrays it on canvas. Peter's concern for technical accuracy is reflected in his paintings of sailing ships with their detailed rigging and the correct setting of the sails. Peter says this of his work "I feel that there is no need to defend realistic paintings when portraying the sea and ships, since photography really succeeds in communicating the constantly changing face of the sea. Furthermore, painting the sea with its extremes of moods is essentially a work of impressionism. Contrasting this impressionism with the detailed and accurate study of a ship results in a painting that appeals as much to the emotions as the intellect."

Peter's work is represented in collections worldwide. In 1996 Peter's stamp design to mark the Safmarine's 50th Anniversary was voted the best stamp design. Peter has produced work for a number of books. It is not often that there are paintings by this artist on offer as he works primarily on commissioned pieces.


Dane (1)    Scot

Belling, Ron

Ron Belling was one of South Africa's foremost aviation artists who produced 1650 paintings during his lifetime, of which 500 are aviation subjects. Many of these are exhibited at the Ron Belling Art Gallery, dedicated to his memory in Port Elizabeth.

Ron Belling was born in East London on March 26, 1933. As a small boy, he was already captivated by the power and speed of aircraft, and the magnitude of huge ocean liners. This interest never changed. After his death, a few of his early childhood drawings were found which reflect artistic talent and observational skills which were well in advance of his years.

Belling's reputation as an aeronautical artist was well established, even overseas, but few were aware that he was also a highly accomplished marine artist. Before his death, he completed, amongst others, over a hundred superb paintings of magnificent passenger liners that frequented South African ports


Capetown Castle

Smith, John H


Clan MacGregor (3)

De Reus, Jan

On his web site you will find a selection of his oil paintings. These all have a maritime theme with an emphasis on Dutch and British fishing vessels and then especially trawlers of the postwar period. In addition, I also made paintings of naval vessels. In the "Gallery" is each painting contains a brief description of the ship . In " Workshop " is a brief explanation of how a painting is created.


Southampton Castle

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