Capt Raymond Shattock

Capt Shattock left Edinburgh Castle on 18 June 1973

pending his retirement in October.

Capt Shattock received a heated food tray

from the ship’s Leading Hands Club.

Bob Wilson recalls:

His first passenger ship command was SA Oranje, on which I was 3rd R/O.

He surprised me very much when passing my cabin one day he looked in because the 4th and myself were having a laugh and kicking up a bit of a noise.

 He asked what we were celebrating, and I said "My birthday, Sir!" With a big grin, he invited the pair of us to his cabin for a drink before dinner.

As we set off, the chief R/O asked where we were going, and the 4th said "Drinks with the skipper," and off we went.

A few minutes later, we heard the chief R/O outside shouting for us, to which the captain shouted "In here, Mr. Xxxxxxx!"

Chiefs face appears in door, eyes almost popping out, and then disappeared. Captain Shattock said "Well, that shook him up, didn't it?", and we all had a good laugh!

It runs in the family:

Captain Shattock's father had been captain of the four-masted barque Nile, whilst his son was captain of an airliner!

A retirement gift from the officers of Edinburgh Castle

Presented by Staff Commander John Brackenridge

Clansman - Dec 73 / Jan 74

Clansman - Feb / Mar 1974

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