Roland Trevor Jacques

Joined Company


Cadet in 1947

Chatting with The Duke of Kent in 1979

Roland Jacques, who was born on April 21, 1929.

Died 2018

Roland went to sea and was a cadet on 'HMS Conway', a naval training ship, after which he joined the Union-Castle Line, eventually becoming First Officer of a mail boat.

Then, for 27 years he was a Trinity House Pilot, taking vessels into London, Harwich and other ports.

He married Marie-Louise Clemence Julie Joseph Servais (known as Youyou because of her siblings' inability to pronounce Louise) from Uccle, a suburb of Brussels, whom he met on the liner 'Durban Castle'.

They had four children, who are Trevor Hubert, Gerald Louis, Jacqueline Chantal and John-Christian.

From The Jacques Family

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