Capt. J P Smythe


Seniority date 15/11/1928  Retired 1970

Information  -  Master "Pretoria Castle" April 1965 (B&C Review)

I had the fortune to sail very briefly with Capt. Smythe during the 1966 seamen’s strike.

He had been appointed master of Clan MacGillivray for a short coastal passage. I was senior cadet on the ship.

It was early August and I am certain of this as we had all watched England win the World Cup on television on board and that was July 30th 1966.  We sailed from Hull bound for London and had just dropped the Humber pilot. I was on the telegraph waiting for orders.

“Full ahead two” orders JP.

“Just the one sir!” Says I.

A mailship master brought to his knees.              

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