Some pictures and narrative have been taken from the following sites. Where possible I have tried to obtain permission. If any site has any legitimate objection to a picture being used then please email me and it will be removed.

Copyright is a difficult subject particularly when very old pictures are being used. Many of the pictures used here are widely available on other sites, making copyright ownership (if any exists) extremely hard to establish.

It is generally accepted that if any two of the following situations applied we would be deemed to have taken sufficient action to avoid infringing copyright laws:

The website owner undertakes to remove any photograph from the website where offence is caused. The conditions have therefore been met.

Ships and Harbours Photos

Ships Nostalgia

House Flags

Marine Diesels

Red Duster

Cayzer Family Archive

ClydeBuilt Database

Old Ship Pictures

The Ships List

Merchant Navy Nostalgia

Last Voyage of Clan Alpine

Ship Stamps

Mersea Island Museum

Merchant Navy Officers

Marine Timetable Images

Wreck Site

Archivo Photos

The Allen Collection

The GG Archives

Leaves from my Logbook

Management Today

The Loftsman

Miramar Ship Index

B & C Crew Lists

Cruise International

Benjidog CWGC Tower Hill Memorial Site

Grace’s Guide

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