Mail Steamship Co

1900 - 1979

Union Steamship Co Ltd

1853 - 1900

Castle Line

1862 - 1900

King Line

1889 - 1978

Bullard King & Co

1850 - 1960

Castle Line Union Steamship Co. Bullard King Ltd

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Houston Line

1875 - 1970

C W Cayzer

1877 - 1881

Bowater Steamship Co

1938 - 1972

Hector Whaling Co

The Hector Whaling Co

1935 - 1974

Springbok Line

Springbok Shipping Co

1959 - 1961

South American Saint Line

South American Saint Line

1926 - 1965

Cayzer Irvine / CI Shipping

Cayzer Irvine Shipping

1981 - 1988

Safmarine Mail Ships

Safmarine Mailships

1965 - 1977

The British & Commonwealth Group

1956 - 1987

B & C Group

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Company Reunions Past & Future
Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co Scottish Tankers

Scottish Tankers

1950 - 1985

Clan Line


1881 - 1981

Scottish Shire Line

Scottish Shire Line

1874 - 1975

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Clan Line Steamers C W Cayzer King Line Cap Badge Bullard, King Cap Badge Union-Castle Cap Badge B & C Cap Badge Clan Line Cap Badge Houston Line Cap Badge Bowater Steamships Cap Badge Scottish Shire Line Cap Badge King Line Steamship Co

T H E  B R I T I S H  &  C O M M O N W E A L T H

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The Companies, The Ships & The People

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Crew Lists

1954 - 1985

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